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All of us at Cape Air are committed to handling your baggage with the utmost care. We hope the following information will assist you with your baggage planning.

During the normal rigors of air travel your luggage will be transported on conveyor belts and travel on baggage carts and may encounter weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind or sun light. In addition your luggage will move and shift during take off, flight and landing.

Baggage will be accepted for transportation from ticketed customers only. Cape Air will not accept baggage whose size, weight or character makes it unsuitable for transportation on the aircraft, or when the property cannot be accommodated without harming or annoying passengers, as determined by the Company. All baggage is subject to inspection.Government safety and security regulations apply to Cape Air’s carriage of baggage.


For travel exclusively on Cape Air marketed flights.  (Flights sold under the 9K airline designator.)  All bags below must meet the size and weight restrictions noted in the section entitled Bag Allowance. The below charges apply each way and are cumulative.

  • Free – One (1) checked bag
  • Free – One (1) gate checked bag
  • Free – One (1) personal item
  • Free – Additional free carry-out items (e.g. assistance-related devices)
  • $40 – a second or third checked bag, per bag
  • $40 – any bag that exceeds the standard baggage allowance in either weight or size

To calculate baggage fees for itineraries including Cape Air and other carrier flights, please click here. When inputting information, use 9K as the Cape Air two character airline code.

Boxes and Commercial Containers

  • For Transport in the 9-Passenger Cessna 402, Britten Normal Islander and Cessna Caravan Amphibian:  Boxes and commercial containers which hold personal or commercial effects are carried as “Excess Baggage” (and, as such, carried space available) and are not to exceed 50 lbs or 42 linear inches (length + width + height = 42”).  Excess bag fees and standard allowance limits apply, each being calculated by treating any box/container as if the box/container were a bag and using the baggage fee and allowance policies herein.  All other bag policies apply to the carriage of boxes and containers. 



Standard allowance:

For each ticketed customer, Cape Air will transport:

For Transport in the Cessna 402 and Britten Norman Islander – “1 + 1 + 1” Policy

  • 1 checked bag not to exceed 50 lbs or 62 linear inches plus 1 gate checked bag not to exceed 20 lbs or 45 linear inches plus 1 personal item (e.g. small purse, briefcase, laptop) not to exceed 36 linear inches. These aircraft do not contain storage space under the seat or overhead in which to safely stow in-cabin items.  Accordingly, personal, or carry-out, items must be carried to the aircraft and stowed by a Cape Air agent into the designated baggage compartments prior to boarding.

Additional Free Carry-out Items – All Aircraft Types

In addition to the standard allowance, the following will be transported free of charge:



A child’s baggage allowance is the same as that for an adult passenger.  A child traveling as an “infant” as defined by the fares and tariffs is not allocated baggage allowance in addition to that allocated to the accompanying adult passenger.



  • For each ticketed customer, Cape Air will transport, subject to available space and additional fees up to two (2) additional bags per passenger.
  • Any checked bag, gate checked bag or personal item that causes a passenger to exceed the standard baggage allowance in number, size or weight, but which is not overweight/oversized, will be transported as excess baggage.

All excess baggage is carried on a space available basis and is subject to an additional charge.  Any bag that is excess because it exceeds the number of bags permitted as standard bag allowance and/or the weight or size will be subject to cumulative excess charges.  Additional or different charges may apply when levied by a partner airline through interline, code share or other airline partner agreements.


Baggage compartment constraints of the aircraft may restrict the weight or the size of the individual bags that may be accepted for travel.  Baggage that is not accepted for travel pursuant to this section is as follows:

For Transport in the Cessna 402 and Britten Norman Islander: 

  • Individual bags that exceed 70 lbs in weight or that exceed 62 linear inches in size.

For Transport in the Cessna 402 and Britten Norman Islander: Bicycles, surfboards, canoes, kayaks and other such large pieces of sporting equipment exceed the capacity of the compartments and are not accepted for transport.  For large boxes or other large items, it is best to consult a reservations representative when booking your flight regarding the maximum limitations or additional charges that may apply based on the aircraft, the region, or pursuant to code share agreements.


Other Special Items for carriage in the Cessna 402 and Britten Norman Islander:  One of each of the below items will be accepted free of charge in lieu of one checked bag under the standard baggage allowance.  If space limitations apply, this item or another piece of the customer’s baggage may be required to travel as space is available.  For travel pursuant to interline or codeshare agreements, a more stringent policy may apply:

  • Golf equipment of typical size (76 – 81 linear inches)
  • Scuba equipment consisting of empty scuba tanks and dive gear
  • Skis and snowboards of typical size (62 – 71 linear inches)

Additional seasonal or route-specific baggage restrictions, or “embargoes,” may also apply depending upon the aircraft size and/or the code share partner policy in place at any point in time.


For Transport in the 9-Passenger Cessna 402 and Britten Normal Islander:  It is not permissible to transport cabin baggage in any aircraft by strapping the item to a passenger seat.

For Transport in the 46-Passenger ATR42:  If a customer requests that an item, due to its fragile or bulky nature, be carried in the cabin compartment of the aircraft as cabin seat baggage, Cape Air will determine, in its sole discretion, whether the item is acceptable for the safe transport in the cabin and permitted by Cape Air’s operating procedures to be transported in this manner.  Advanced notification is recommended and additional charges may apply.  Any cabin seat baggage accepted for transport will be secured in accordance with aircraft operating procedures and security requirements.


Cape Air Only

For travel exclusively on Cape Air marketed flights without a connection to another airline (flights sold under the 9K airline designator) fees on the Baggage Fee Chart shown below under the itinerary column “Cape Air only” will apply.   All bags must meet the size and weight restrictions noted in the section entitled Bag Allowance. The below charges apply each way and are cumulative.

Interline Itineraries

For interline itineraries booked on the same ticket where travel begins on a Cape Air marketed flight (with 9K designator), or in cases where Cape Air offers to check a bag though to another destination not shown on the same ticket, the baggage fees on the Baggage Fee Chart shown below under the applicable column for the connecting itinerary will apply, subject to the exemptions/limitations of our aircraft noted herein.

Codeshare Itineraries

For travel on codeshare flights that are operated by Cape Air, but sold using the airline designator of a codeshare partner (UA or AA) charges may differ from those shown on the Baggage Fee Chart below, as our codeshare partner’s fees will apply.  If there is more than one airline partner in the single itinerary, the fees of the first marketing carrier in the itinerary will apply.

  Cape Air Only Cape Air + American Cape Air + United Cape Air + JetBlue Cape Air + Delta

Gate Checked Bag
*under 20 lbs & 45”

Free Free Free Free Free

Personal  Item

*laptop bag size

Free Free Free Free Free

1st  Checked Bag

*under 50lbs
Free $25 $25 $25 $25

2nd Checked Bag

*under 50lbs
*space available

$40 $35 $35 $35 $35

3rd Checked Bag

*under 50lbs
*space available

$40 $150 $100 $100 $125

1st 2nd 3rd Checked

51-70 lbs added fee
*space available

$40 $100 $100 $100 $90

Over 3 Checked Bags

Any bay over 70 lbs
Any bag over 62”

Not Accepted Not
Not Accepted


Limits of Liability for Baggage Including Fragile or Perishable Goods
Except to the extent the Warsaw or Montreal Conventions or other applicable laws may otherwise require, the following provisions apply:

Checked & Unchecked Baggage

For Domestic Carriage
Liability for loss, delay or damage to checked baggage, or any baggage or personal item which is taken into custody by Cape Air, is limited to the fair market value at the time of the loss, damage or delay and will not exceed (except for wheelchair and other assistive devices) (1) for on-line travel solely on Cape Air with no connecting service, $500 per passenger; (2) for interline travel where the Cape Air flight segment is included on the same ticket as a connecting flight segment of another airline with an aircraft of more than 60 seats, $3400 per passenger ($3500 per passenger effective August 25, 2015) as per federal rules; and (3) for interline travel where the Cape Air flight segment is included on the same ticket as a connecting flight segment of another airline with an aircraft of 60 seats or less, $500 per passenger. Cape Air assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to unchecked, carry-on baggage, or carry-out baggage, unless the loss or damage occurred while in the sole custody of Cape Air or was caused by the sole negligence or willful misconduct of Cape Air.

Valuables/Fragile Items: Cape Air can not be liable for valuables, fragile items, unsuitably packed items, or perishable items in checked baggage or in personal wing bags, with or without our knowledge. Please let us know in advance if something is particularly fragile; while we cannot accept liability for it, we can do our best to find the most suitable area in the aircraft to stow it.

Normal wear and tear: Luggage is designed to protect its contents. Cape Air can not be liable for minor exterior damage; scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, cuts and dirt resulting from normal wear and tear of baggage.

Claims: Most delayed baggage arrives within 24 hours and during this initial period we will make every effort to reunite you with your luggage as quickly as possible.

Baggage that is delayed or damaged should be reported, in person, before leaving the airport. If, in the unlikely case, your luggage is still missing after 5 days, please contact Central Baggage Service:


Cape Air -Central Baggage Service
660 Barnstable Road
Hyannis, MA 02601
Fax: (508) 957-6922
Email Central Baggage

Always retain your ticket and claim check receipts and any receipts for expenses.

Delayed Bag Delivery & Interim Expenses

Cape Air strives to deliver checked baggage to our customers in the baggage claim area in a timely and efficient manner; that is, so that it arrives before or at the same time as the customer. When on occasion a bag is missing or remains unclaimed, we will make every reasonable effort to locate and return the bag within 24 hours or less using a comprehensive system and process to track missing baggage and to communicate with affected customers.

Delivery of Delayed Bag

 In the event that checked baggage does not arrive before or at the time the customer arrives, Cape Air will deliver such checked baggage to customers. (For clarification purposes, please note that baggage accepted and carried subject to space availability on the aircraft is not guaranteed a delivery time and, as a result, is not eligible for delayed delivery by Cape Air.) Cape Air will strive to deliver baggage covered by this section in a timely and efficient manner, but delivery times may vary with destination because of third party vendor availability, traffic and other reasons. This delivery may be by Cape Air or by an authorized agent contracted at Cape Air’s expense to provide such bag delivery. In some cases, it may be more expeditious for customers to return to the airport to claim their baggage and, in this case, customers may certainly choose to pick-up their bags at their own transportation expense in lieu of delivery.

Interim Expenses

Customers are entitled to reasonable interim expenses resulting from delayed bags. (For clarification purposes, please note that baggage accepted and carried subject to space availability on the aircraft is not guaranteed a delivery time and, as a result, is never a delayed bag for purposes of this provision.) Customers must present receipts for all reasonable expense reimbursements incurred. Reasonable expenses generally are $75 per day for the first few days the bag is delayed. These guidelines for reasonable expenses are NOT daily limits or a cap and additional expenses may be incurred; in such a case, the additional expenses will be handled on an individual basis up to the limits of liability stated within this Contract of Carriage.

If the delayed bag becomes a claim for which monetary compensation is appropriate in accordance with this Contract, interim expenses advanced for the initial delay will be deducted from the claim’s settlement total. Interim expenses are not available as an additional remedy for bags which are lost or damaged and for which such a claim is reported and processed, without regard to whether the claim results in compensation in accordance with this Contract.

Travel Destinations

Cape Cod & the Islands

Our roots are in the Cape & Islands! Since our first flight between PTown and Boston in 1989, we have been proud to serve the Cape communities.

Fly with us to:

  • Hyannis
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  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • Nantucket



Fly with us to:

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  • New Bedford
  • Rutland
  • Portland, ME
  • Rockland
  • Augusta
  • Bar Harbor
  • White Plains
  • NYC - JFK
  • Saranac Lake


With our dual hubs in St. Louis and Chicago, getting around the Midwest, or connecting to hundreds on domestic and international flights is a breeze!

Fly with us to:

  • St. Louis
  • Kirksville
  • Marion
  • Owensboro
  • Decatur
  • Chicago


We landed in Big Sky Country in 2013, and since then have been providing convenient service to our hub in Billings from across eastern Montana.

Fly with us to:

  • Billings
  • Sidney
  • Glasgow
  • Glendive
  • Wolf Point
  • Havre


We've been flying to the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean for 20 years. 

Fly with us to:

  • San Juan
  • St. Thomas
  • St. Croix
  • Tortola
  • Vieques
  • Mayaguez
  • Culebra
  • Virgin Gorda


What is there to do in Massachusetts? Find out why “chowdaâ€Â is better than chowder. See where Paul Revere rode, how the pilgrims lived, and walk along the Freedom Trail. See where the curse was reversed, feed a sea lion lunch, take your family on the trip of a lifetime. Whatever youâ€ââ€Ã…¾¢re into, thereâ€ââ€Ã…¾¢s many amazing things you can do in Massachusetts.

Fly with us to:

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