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Pets fly free on Nantucket Airlines!

We gladly accept live animals on our flights, however, advance reservations are recommended. Only one pet per aircraft may be booked confirmed space. Live animals are approved for travel on a first-come, first-served basis. Multiple live animals from the same family are permitted on the same aircraft; however it is possible that, due to space or weight constraints, the passenger and pets may not be able to be accommodated on any particular flight. Multiple live animals from different families are not permitted on the same aircraft.

A kennel is required unless you are traveling on either of the following routes: New Bedford/Nantucket or Hyannis/Nantucket. Cats always need to be in kennels. 

Pets must be accompanied by a traveling passenger. Connections with other carriers are not available. Upon arrival, health certificates may be required by local authorities, depending upon the route over which the animal is traveling. The largest assembled pet kennel that will fit on our airplane measures 27"x20"x19". 

Service Animals

Nantucket Airlines permits Service Animals (physical support animals, emotional support animals, psychiatric support animals) to accompany passengers free of charge as noted in this section. Advance reservations are recommended because, for important safety reasons, Nantucket Airlines is only permitted to transport one live animal per aircraft unless the animals are from the same family. Only one live animal per aircraft may be booked confirmed space. Live animals are approved and carried on a first-come, first-served basis. Should a passenger with previously booked space for his/her Service Animal or pet be confirmed on a flight and another passenger with a Service Animal as defined by this section desire to be boarded, we will seek out all alternatives available including offering the passenger with the pet confirmed space on the next available flight. Only if no options are available will we offer the less desirable alternative to the passenger with the Service Animal of traveling on a later flight. Service animals accompanying disabled customers or government officials are carried at no additional charge to the customer.

To advise us that you will be traveling with a live animal or if you have any questions, please call a Customer Service Representative at 1-866-CAPE-AIR.

For more information, see our full Travel Policy, by clicking here.